CP unit is dead!

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    CP UNIT: Ya-ta-ta, it's a good day to be not dead! *пиу*
    Refugee: Pow, you're dead.
    CP UNIT: I'm dead!
    Refugee: *зловещий смех*
    Phantom: *Пом-пором-пом-пом-пом*
    Refugee:Ah, schucks!
    Phantom: Oh, the CP UNIT is dead.
    CP UNIT: Affirmative, I'm dead.
    Phantom: Why is that CP unit is dead?
    Refugee: I dunno.
    CP UNIT: I think it was-...
    Phantom and Refugee: Shh! You're dead!
    CP UNIT: 10-4. *звуки глюченного рэгдолла*
    CmD: What's up you wankers, who's up for a... What the bloody hell just happened?
    Phantom and refugee: That CP UNIT is dead!
    CmD: The CP UNIT is dead!
    Phantom: Correct!
    CmD: *счастливая музыка*
    Phantom: So did you see the murder?
    CmD and Refugee: Nah, sorry mate.
    Phantom: I will find him! I will capture him! And no one will ever die again!
    CmD and Refugee: *аплодируют*
    SeC: That CP UNIT is dead!
    Phantom: We know!
    SeC: Who killed him?
    Phantom: We don't know.
    SeC: I will find clues! *берет след и находит оружие*
    SeC: What's that? A weapon!
    SeC: That thing is why the CP UNIT is dead.
    Phantom, Refugee and CmD: That CP UNIT is dead!
    SeC: Yes! He died!
    Phantom, Refugee and CmD: *удивляются*
    SeC: *умирает*
    Helix: Go sharp, go sharp! *целует CP UNIT*
    CP UNIT: *воскрешается, но не совсем*
    Helix: In my medical opinion, that CP UNIT is dead!
    CmD: Helix, what happened?
    Helix: My professional opinion, *делает мастерское движение-возражение* the CP UNIT was killed!
    All except Helix: Oh god! *болтовня*
    Helix: I don't think it's anything to worry about.
    CmD: Well, now what?
    City Administrator: Loyalty, motherfucker!
    Phantom: Oh, c'mon.
    City Administrator: Look at this, that CP UNIT is dead!
    City Administrator: What do you think of that?
    City Administrator: Uhh?
    Phantom: Yes-yes, City Administrator?
    City Administrator: Yeah?
    Phantom: GO HOME!
    City Administrator: Oh c'mon. *ругается, потом уезжает на машине и взрывается*
    Phantom: Ok, let's get back straight to the point!
    CP UNIT: I think, I'm dead.
    All: That CP UNIT is dead!
    Helix: Administrator, I will heal you! *взрывается*
    CP UNIT: Seriously, who killed CP UNIT?
    Resistance: It was me. I did it like this: *стреляет в CmD, тот умирает*
    Resistance: That's a joke, lad's. *все смеются*
    Resistance: It was... him! *указывает на Refugee*
    Refugee: How did you know?
    Resistance: I didn't know, that was a joke too.
    Refugee: *начинает снова маниакально смеяться*
    Refugee: That's right, it was me!
    Phantom: You, monster!
    CP UNIT: But whyyyyy?
    Refugee: Because you a fatboy in another thing - you're ugly.
    CP UNIT: Refugee STOP!
    CP UNIT: Refugee, you're so mean, is not funny.
    Refugee: Ah CP UNIT, fuck off! You're dead!
    CP UNIT: NO, u. *стреляет в Refugee*
    CP UNIT: Pow, you're dead! Not big ration reward.
    Phantom: Well, that was idiotic. Off to hang myself, watch and learn-... *вешается*
    CP UNIT: I'm alive! Is nice.
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    Impressive. I approve
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    Вот же ты ворюга!
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